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2021 NFL Draft- Tight Ends

Kyle Pitts, SR, Florida

Pitts had a spectacular season that will likely lead to being selected in the top 10-- which does not happen often for tight ends. Some experts have him rated as the top non-quarterback in this draft class. He's 6'6", 245 lbs but runs much more like a wide receiver. His pro future is likely in more of a big-slot role or offline tight end. Whoever gets him will be getting an instant play-maker with elite skills and can create many disadvantages for opposing defenses.

Pat Freiermuth, SR, Penn State

Prior to Pitts's breakout year, Freiermuth was widely considered TE1 in the 2021 class. The Penn State product is much more of a traditional tight end and has even drawn some comparisons to Rob Gronkowski. Freiermuth is a solid blocker and becomes a game-changer in the redzone. His ceiling is definitely a top-end player at the position and he should begin his career as a solid TE2 for whoever gets him.

Matt Bushman, SR, BYU

Bushman led BYU in receiving for three consecutive seasons but unfortunately tore his Achilles before last season. An Achilles injury is one of the hardest to recover from and he may not ever be the player he once was. Still, the upside and highlights from his collegiate career may be too good to overlook. He's gone from a top 3 TE in this class to someone to take a flier on on Day 3. If he's able to make a good recovery, he can be a steal.

Tommy Tremble, JR, Notre Dame

Tremble is a player who has seen his stock rise this offseason. The scouting media loves the way he blocks and how physical he is at the line of scrimmage. He has never had incredible receiver numbers, but there is certainly potential in his game. I'd expect him to get picked early on Day 3 or late on Day 2.

Pro Wells, JR, TCU

Wells has led TCU in touchdown catches for two straight years. He doesn't have overwhelming statistics otherwise and will be a project in the pros. He's much more of a receiver and will have to work on his blocking and being stronger at the point of attack. Can be a decent contributor as a receiving threat if given the chance. Late draft pick or free agent seems like the most likely scenario.

Kenny Yeboah, SR, Ole Miss

Yeboah transferred to Ole Miss from Temple. At Temple, he was a much bigger focal point of the offense. He still had a pretty good year for the Rebels; just not as impactful as some probably hoped. Yeboah is still a good player and intriguing as an NFL prospect. He'll probably be a TE2 that is used in the offline role more as pro and can become a solid player.

Kylen Granson, SR, SMU

Granson would probably be getting more attention if he had played for a bigger program. SMU's resurgence is one of the great stories in college football and he was a key part of that continuing this season. It seemed every time I turned on an SMU game, Granson would make an impressive catch and an impactful play. He started 23 games in two years for the Mustangs and finished his career with the most TD catches by a tight end in program history. While not a household name, Granson could be a good developmental prospect.

Noah Grey, SR, Duke

Grey is an All-American and steady presence on the Duke football team. He has the 4th most TD catches of any Blue Devils tight end, and his athleticism is appealing to teams. Day 3 player with potential to be really good at the pro level.

Cary Angeline, SR, North Carolina State

Angeline is a massive 6'7" 250 lbs but athletically built. He's not going to be an All-Pro guy but can certainly be situational or developmental player. He's probably a TE3 with potential to become a TE2.

Trey McKitty, SR, Georgia

McKitty is your classic "better than his college production" player. He has the size and athleticism to be a good tight end but didn't play in tight-end-friendly offenses (Georgia and Florida State). His stock has risen a bit after a great performance at the Senior Bowl, and he could be a great Day 3 value.

Brevin Jordan, JR, Miami

Jordan is a 3-year starter for the Hurricanes who may be just a tad on the smaller side for tight ends. Regardless, he's exemplified a great ability to influence the passing game and a decent blocking ability. You should never let testing numbers alone tell the story, and Jordan's gameplay shows a solid, smart player. Late Day 2, early Day 3. Can have a productive career as a receiving tight end.

Briley Moore, SR, Kansas State

Offensive Newcomer of the Year in the Big 12 looking to build off a good season. Lack of production for most his career may hurt his stock, but don't be surprised if he comes off the board around Round 4 or 5. Probably a receiving TE3 depending on the system he winds up in.

Nick Eubanks, SR, Michigan

2019 was Eubanks's best season, and he was unable to build on it in 2020. I've seen plenty of flashes from him as a receiver, he just may not have had the best offensive situations. Michigan has struggled with their QB situation, and I think it hurt some players' evaluations. Eubanks has value as a Day 3 pick, probably 5th or 6th round.

Hunter Kampmoyer, JR, Oregon

Kampmoyer is another player with low college production but is hoping he showed enough during his senior season to get a shot. He's a little on the lighter side for a tight end, so he may have to use his receiving abilities to get drafted and special teams to make a roster.

Scooter Harrington, SR, Stanford

This is a guy you'd be betting you could get to achieve his full potential. He has prototypical TE size at 6'5" 250 but does not have production in the passing game. He'll be a blocker to start his career and hope to develop as a receiver.

Shaun Beyer, SR, Iowa

The former wide receiver is the next in the long line of Hawkeye tight ends-- following the likes of Dallas Clark, Nate Chandler, George Kittle, Noah Fant, and TJ Hockenson. Unlike some of those others, Beyer is still very raw and doesn't have the same college production. He's become a decent blocker and should be a free agent pickup as a future TE3.

Hunter Long, SR, Boston College

Long became the first BC tight end to earn All-American honors form the Football Writers Association of America since 1994. Like some of the recent BC products at the position, he is a great blocker. Unlike the others, Long is more developed as a receiver. He has 1,297 receiving yards with 9 TDs for his career. Day 2 player who may fall to round 4. Should be a productive TE2 with a TE1 ceiling.

Tony Poljan, SR, Virginia

Poljan's appeal is his 6'7" frame with skill player athleticism. He's a former QB still transitioning to the tight end role. That may scare away some teams but he could hear his name late in the draft.

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