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2022 NFL Draft Night Two Predictions

1. Seattle takes Malik Willis

This almost makes too much sense. Willis wasn't supposed to fall this far and has the highest ceiling of the quarterbacks in this class. Some have compared him to a lesser Russell Wilson, so what better fit than Seattle. The Seahawks are currently looking at either Geno Smith or Drew Lock as their starter, Willis could give them a game-changer and brings traits that we know can work in this offense.

2. Either Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo gets traded

We saw last night things can change in the NFL quickly. Sure, a team could take one of these rookies, but why do that when you can have an established veteran? Of course, it depends on the price, but either could fit well with a team that has a need behind center. I wouldn't expect both to find new homes tonight, but I think one could. It could also happen tomorrow, but I'm going with my gut and saying tonight's the night.

3. Runs on linebackers and corners

We saw three corners and two linebackers come off the board last night. There are still many potential starters available at each position and the bulk of the depth seems to be in the second, third, and fourth rounds. I can see a few linebackers coming off the board in the middle of round two and corners coming shortly after that.

4. Nakobe Dean and Jaquan Brisker go early

Both these guys should have been taken last night and some team will benefit from their slides. Dean has fallen because of concerns with his size, but he has elite football instincts and will be a great pro player. Brisker is a hard-hitting player on the backend who should be picked during round two and fits with many of the teams picking in the first half of the round.

5. Jalen Pitre comes off the board in the second round

Pitre is a popular sleeper pick for many analysts and has definitely worked his way into day two. He's more of a coverage safety and will probably take on more of a slot role in the pros, but there is no doubt he can play. NFL Network has him listed as one of the top prospects remaining entering the night, so expect to hear his name.

6. Someone takes a flier on an injured player who is falling

Injury issues always cause players to fall in the draft and some teams tend to be more concerned than others. We even saw a couple of injured players come off the board last night, but some injuries are not as significant and damaging as they used to be. Obviously, some of those guys don't work out, but there is almost always a team that takes a shot at one during these rounds-- especially if the prospect had a first-round grade before the injury.

7. New England continues to trade around

The Patriots tend to trade around the board and could use some more talent on the roster. I'm not sure how many picks they have tonight, but it's a pretty safe bet they'll continue to move.

8. Kenneth Walker III and Breece Hall both go in round 2

Both players battling for RB1 in this class will be drafted tonight and there are many teams that could use their services. I think both were borderline round-one prospects, so they should not last too long. Houston, Atlanta, Buffalo., Tampa, and San Franciso would all make sense, as would Miami if one slides to round three.

9. First tight end comes off the board in Round 2 with more coming in Round 3

Colorado State's Trey McBride is expected to be the first of them, but Greg Dulcich (UCLA), Jeremy Ruckert (Ohio State), and Isaiah Likely (Coastal Carolina) are also in the running. I have round three and four evaluations on most of the prospects at the position year, so I expect a run on them in the third. However, It would be strange if at least one wasn't picked before the end of the second. Denver needs to replace Noah Fant, Tampa doesn't have a decision from Gronk yet, the Colts lost Jack Doyle to retirement, Cincinnati lost CJ Uzomah, the Giants lost two tight ends this offseason, and Tennessee missed having a play-maker there jn the passing game last season.

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