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COVID 19 Updates: College conferences announce update for 2020

COVID-19 has rocked the world in 2020. Nothing is normal, sports included. Across the globe, league presidents and commissioners, teams, players, and other associations are having to make decision on the future of their leagues and sports. With recent spikes in the U.S. coming just before the usual start of college football, many conferences announced updates and decisions for how their fall sports will proceed (for now).

Here's what we currently know:

  • The Ivy League has cancelled athletic competitions, including football, for the rest of 2020. They may have a football season in the spring if possible, but no decision has been made on that.

  • Ohio State and North Carolina are among schools postponing voluntary workouts due to additional positive COVID tests.

  • The Big Ten announced on Thursday afternoon that it will only play conference games in 2020. Schedules have been removed from team sites while the conference works on the logistics of a conference-only season. Although they currently plan to play,Commissioner Kevin Warren and Ohio State Athletic director Gene Smith have viced their doubts about whether they can have a fall season.

  • The Pac 12 and ACC are rumored to be following the Big Ten's lead with conference-only schedules.

  • The SEC is meeting with all of its commissioners to discuss the upcoming season on Monday.

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