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Latest College Football Playoff Rankings

On Tuesday night, the College Football Playoff committee announced its second edition of team rankings for the 2020 season. Here is where things stand entering Week 14.

  1. Alabama (8-0)

  2. Notre Dame (9-0)

  3. Clemson (8-1)

  4. Ohio State (4-0)

  5. Texas A&M (6-1)

  6. Florida (7-1)

  7. Cincinnati (8-0)

  8. Georgia (6-2)

  9. Iowa State (7-2)

  10. Miami (7-1)

  11. Oklahoma (6-2)

  12. Indiana (5-1)

  13. BYU (9-0)

  14. Northwestern (5-1)

  15. Oklahoma State (6-2)

  16. Wisconsin (2-1)

  17. North Carolina (6-3)

  18. Coastal Carolina (9-0)

  19. Iowa (4-2)

  20. USC (3-0)

  21. Marshall (7-0)

  22. Washington (3-0)

  23. Oregon (3-1)

  24. Tulsa (5-1)

  25. Louisiana (8-1)

Dropped out: Texas, Auburn

The top seven teams remain the same. It's interesting that Ohio State remains fourth event though they have only played about half the number of games as the other teams and may not even be eligible for the Big Ten Championship. Texas A&M remains ahead of Florida because of the head-to-head win, but either team could sneak in if the Buckeyes or Clemson slip up. Florida could jump A&M with an upset over Alabama in the SEC Championship, should the Gators make it there. Cincinnati also has a shot to sneak into the field, but the strength of schedule may prevent that.

Georgia and Iowa State each have two losses yet are ranked ahead of one-loss Miami. It appears as if beating Texas was enough to establish the Cyclones as the favorite in the Big 12, hence the four-spot climb. If Miami makes the ACC Championship game (there's still a small chance), the Hurricanes could vault past both teams, which they already should be.

BYU still didn't get the respect they deserve. Many feel that the Cougars are a no-brainer top ten team. Committee chairman Gary Barta shed some light on that argument, stating that the BYU strength of schedule just wasn't on par with other teams.

The biggest riser was Oklahoma State, who climbed eight spots to No. 15 after a narrow win over Texas Tech. The Cowboys are still alive for the Big 12 Championship but have work to do. Oregon was the biggest faller, dropping from No. 15 to No. 23 following a late loss to Oregon State. A loss to Michigan State dropped Northwestern six spots.

Entering the poll this week are Louisiana (8-1) at No. 25 and Washington (3-0) at No. 22. Texas (previously No. 17) and Auburn (previously No. 22) both dropped out of the rankings following losses.

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