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More college football conferences announce plans to return to play

Last week's decision to reinstate the fall football season by the Big Ten put pressure on the other conferences that had also cancelled their seasons. This week, we found out that 3 conferences-- the PAC-12, the MAC, and the Mountain West will also be returning to play.

The PAC-12 voted to reverse their decision on Thursday. Their plan is to play a 7 game season starting November 6. Each team will play the 5 teams in its respective division plus 2 crossover games. The second crossover game will be like what the Big Ten is doing: teams playing divisional counterparts during championship weekend, which is December 18.

Soon after the PAC-12's decision, the MAC also voted to resume the season. They will start November 4 and play their championship game December 18 after a 6 game season. Most of their early season games will be on weeknights until after Thanksgiving.

The Mountain West voted to bring back football season on Friday. They intend to play 8 games and start on October 24, the same day as the Big Ten. Their conference championship will be December 19.

Quicker and better daily testing techniques have made this all possible. It's going to be great to have the major conferences all back.

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