• Travis Tyler

NCAA Playoff Expansion Proposal Passes Another Hurdle

Momentum has been building for a proposal to expand the NCAA College Football Playoff field to 12 teams, and the process took another step forward earlier this week.

Although most thought the next logical step in expanding the playoff field would be an expansion to eight teams, the CFP Board met on Tuesday and agreed to begin a feasibility study for a possible 12-team field,. The study will be conducted by conference commissioners, who will be looking to solve a variety of issues, including finances, locations, scheduling, and more.

The proposed new field would consist of the six highest ranked conference champions and six at-large bids. The tournament would include bye weeks and on-campus play-in games while starting around the same time as the current bowl season. These rules also guarantee at least one Group of Five team will be part of the annual field.

If this proposal eventually gets passed, it will change the landscape of college football as we know it. Power 5 Conference Champions would no longer have to wonder if they made the field. Likewise, the Group of Five schools will have a much more equal chance at making the field than they currently do.

The bigger field would be extremely entertaining, and the on-campus games would bring a home-field advantage element that really isn't part of the current field. We knew changes would be coming, and they may be closer than we think.

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