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Tom Brady Officially Retires

After conflicting reports surface about the legendary quarterback's future on Saturday, Tom Brady announced confirmation of those reports via Instagram on Tuesday: He is officially retiring after 22 years in the National Football League.

Brady widely surpassed all expectations of a sixth-round pick after being selected 199th overall in 2000. No one expected a late-rounder to blossom like he did, but Tom was different. What he didn't have in his game he made up for with hard work, determination, and football smarts until he had added whatever was missing. By the end of his 22-year career, he had become the epitome of a perfect pocket-passing quarterback.

Brady spent the first 20 years of his career in New England with the Patriots and was forced into action during his second year thanks to an injury to starter Drew Bledsoe, who was a pretty accomplished NFL quarterback himself. Brady would lead New England to its first-ever Super Bowl title in an upset over Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams in 2002 and went on to lead one of the surprising great dynasties and become the greatest quarterback (and probably even football player) of all time.

Tom Brady won six Super Bowls with the Patriots before signing a free agent deal In Tamp Bay and leading the Buccaneers to his seventh career title. No quarterback has ever achieved what Brady has throughout his career. He retires with seven Super Bowl titles, 15 Pro Bowls, three MVPs, five Super Bowl MVPs, and the career NFL records for passing yards, completions, attempts, and touchdown passes.

The league was not ready for him to take over, and it certainly will feel different without seeing him on the field., Nonetheless, he is now destined for the Hall of Fame and we were all lucky to be able to witness such a historic career.

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